Pittsburgh Harvest Tasting

Yesterday, Taylor and I had gone to Pittsburgh’s 4th annual Harvest Tasting. What is the Harvest Tasting, you may ask? Well, let me tell you!


The Harvest Tasting is an event planned by Pittsburgh’s organization, Farm to Table. This even showcases the region’s farmers, artisans, and local wine, beer, and food vendors. You can check out their blog/website here for more info on the organization

The only warmth for these kind and wonderful vendors!
The only warmth for these kind and wonderful vendors!

The event was held at the Waterfront, a popular shopping and dining area for Pittsburghers and was held in a large tent that featured over nearly 50(!) vendors. I thought this was such a cool idea, not only for local foodies and artisans, but for families in the area and just people looking to get involved with healthy, fresh, farm to table eating. I just wanted to post and let others know for next year about this cool event and checking out the organization.

Goot Essa Cheese Vendor
Goot Essa Cheese Vendor

Taylor and I particularly enjoyed some of the craft beer samples, locally sourced honey, and my favorite, the cheese and olive oil samples. If you’re interested in checking out a list of this year’s vendors, you can view the link here. My favorites were definitely the cherry ale I tried, the cheese and jam combo from Goot Essa, the lovely wine sample from Enginehouse 25, and the basil olive oil from the Olive Tap. Every vendor deserves a warm thank you, however. I am not trying to undermine the effort that these artisans make and all of their treats were honestly delicious, and trust me: If I had the money, I certainly would have bought something from each vendor, either for myself or as a nice gift.

Although the event is over, I would highly recommend checking out some of the vendors’ websites or stores. Artisan foods and treats not only make the best holiday gifts, but it’s also warming to know that you are supporting local businesses. 🙂




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